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Patrick Mutabazi

Over the last few years, the rail industry has been transforming itself, embracing IT, digitalization, Big data, and the related changes in business models. This change is driven both by the railway operating companies demanding higher vehicle and infrastructure availability, and, increasingly, wanting to transition their operational risk to suppliers. In parallel, the thought leaders among maintenance providers have embraced the technology opportunities to radically improve their offerings and help their customers deliver better value.


This document provides a comprehensive overview on the potentials of big data and possible applications in the railways domain. The purpose is contribute to the Common Occurrence Reporting Programme providing knowledge and potential implementations on the technology in the railway domain.

Diego Galar, Ramin Karim, Uday Kumar

Professors Diego Galar, Uday Kumar and Ramin Karim from Luleå University of Technology, Sweden, explain the possibilities of big data in the railway industry and its positive effects on operations and maintenance (O&M) from a systems perspective.

 Paul van den Bogaard

Like in many other European countries, the German rail sector is currently reaching its growth limits. In addition to bottlenecks in rolling stock and employees, there is also a lack of infrastructure capacity, says Philipp Bührsch, director of Digital Rail Germany at DB Netz AG. “It is neither financially nor socio-politically feasible to grow in capacity through a classic expansion of the route network.”

Josephine Cordero Sapién

The smart points record around the clock if they are working correctly or whether they are experiencing problems. This means upcoming problems can be detected and addressed before they even arise. Last year Deutsche Bahn was able to prevent 3,600 defects thanks to this technology, making trains run more reliably.

National Transportation National Board

On July 31, 1991, National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak) train 82, Silver Star, was en route from Tampa, Florida, to New York, New York. The train consisted of 2 diesel-electric locomotives, 3 baggage cars, and 15 passenger cars.

Josephine Cordero Sapién

The East Coast Main Line is set to become Britain’s first mainline digital rail link with £350 million of new investment to install state-of-the art electronic signalling designed to cut journey times and slash delays.

BRITAIN’s infrastructure manager Network Rail (NR) has launched two independent task forces to aid management of its portfolio of earthworks and responses to severe weather events, following the fatal derailment near Stonehaven in Scotland on August 12.

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