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Railway Use-Case

AMYGDALA's platform designed for railway operators enables comprehensive data integration, AI computing and connectivity between track elements and operational systems to optimize maintenance regime. Algorithms based on company's in-depth rail knowledge, and software solutions are dedicated to drive results.

AMYGDALA offers customers access to all available data in real-time, regardless of equipment manufacturer or third-party systems installed. Data is transformed into actionable insights that enable critical decisions to drive optimal results.

The company also provides real-time remote monitoring and alerts. When combined with the advanced analytics, the system gives the maintenance management and crews the information needed to minimize or avoid service disruptions, enable early detection, and achieve maximum availability and reliability of the network.

​At AMYGDALA we believe that our solutions will soon become the benchmark in the industry for analytical maintenance planning.

We have just started, but we already know that the product we are building integrates our team's hard-earned skills, dedication and a daring attitude. 

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